ATMC’s programs are regularly updated to suit specific trends in the ever changing international environment. Our close association with industry assists in the design of the programs to benefit participants. ATMC is absolutely committed to keeping the programs offered up-to-date at all times and relevant to the industry environment nationally and internationally.
The ACS PY Internship component provides a practical work experience for participants in the ACS PY program to develop professional skills specific to the Australian workplace or business environment.
The Internship component of the ACS PY program aims to utilise the skills and knowledge learned during the two classroom based training and workshop units.
The ATMC has engaged the services of a leading Victorian employment company, Barkers Burke to place participants in an internship as part of the ACS PY program. This company specialises in flexible employment, recruitment and training solutions, connecting people with the training and work experience they need to succeed in today’s global economy. With extensive experience throughout the IT, engineering, computing and science industries, the company is adept at matching the needs of employees and employers through the sector.

Programs offered by ATMC:

  • ACS Professional Year Program – IT/Computing

Locations: Melbourne, Sydney


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